Become A Franchise Owner

Are you thinking about buying a franchise?
Lots of people like the idea of investing in a franchise. After all, there's already an operating system in place and (hopefully) the kinks have been ironed out long ago.

Today’s prospective franchise owners are heavily marketed to by “consultants” who offer “Free Consultations.” These consultants are paid big commissions by the franchise companies. Their interest is in you-signing on the dotted line. My interest is in helping you get the facts. I’m not paid a commission.

If you’re interested in taking the leap into franchise business ownership, I’ll serve as your guide. I’ll coach you through the entire franchise exploration process. I’ll show you how to become a successful franchise owner.


I can help you become a successful franchise owner....
If you let me. I can show you everything you need to know and help you choose the right franchise for you. I will help you avoid mistakes that franchise owners make everyday.

No matter what part of the process you are at, I have advice for you.

Don't make the mistakes others have made. Don't get stuck in a franchise you don't love! My interest is to help you succeed.

Take my free franchise quiz: see if franchising is right for you, click here.

Look What Other People Have to Say About Me

Susan K.

Chicago, Illinois

"Deciding to purchase a franchise is a huge decision and the key to making the right decision is doing the proper research. I tried to do that research on my own and I while I learned a lot, I knew I didn't have enough information. What's worse, I didn't know the right questions to ask. Then I met Joel Libava. Joel and his e-books were invaluable in helping me determine if franchising was right for me. He's truly an expert in this field. If you are thinking of franchising, don't do anything until you have talked to Joel."

Steve Giordano

TeamLogic IT
Westlake, Ohio

"We would like to thank you, Joel Libava, (The Franchise King) for your support during our start-up process. We appreciate your guidance during the franchise due diligence process. As a result of your franchise expertise, I feel that we made very few mistakes, and were able to open our business three weeks before our contract opening date. I will use your name liberally when I come across others who are interested in starting their own businesses."

"The Franchise King, Joel Libava provides such a valuable service for anyone seeking advice and guidance for a new direction in life. We particularly admired his ability to assess our skill-sets and passions right over the phone and internet. I want to thank him for all of his support and inspiration along the way, and I look forward to meeting him face-to-face and the chance to shake his hand one day soon."

Jim & Tracey O'Neill
Franchise Owners, Mr. Handyman
Portland, Oregon

Before You Invest Thousands or Hundreds of Thousands, Contact Me

Franchise Consultation

  • 60 minute video chat
  • Money back guarantee
  • Increase your likelihood of success
  • Learn how to buy a franchise
  • Receive a discount on my books
  • 100% Satisfaction Gaurantee

The Essential Steps To Researching a Franchise

  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step research guide
  • Learn the top research tips and research techniques
  • Learn the best questions to ask franchisees
  • 100% money-back guarantee

How to Carefully Select and Properly Research a Franchise GOLD EDITION

  • Use this guide to lower your financial risk
  • Learn how to figure your budget
  • Learn which franchises are best for you
  • Special bonus!

More Reasons to Work with Me

Featured Professional Consultant

I've been featured in Entrepreneur® magazine, Fox Business News, The Huffington Post, and The New York Times Small Business Blog...just to name a few.

Actual comment from a former franchisee of a sub-sandwich franchise:

“I was a guy with a net worth in 2006 of over $500k, perfect credit, a good job in the medical field, a good passive income from some rental property, and lived on my 80+ acres farm in my own home. I was also engaged to get married. I was taken in by the lies about the wonders of being your own boss and how much success I could have. How stupid I feel now. Home, farm, rental property, credit rating and fiancee all gone after my bankruptcy last year.”

Joel takes you through many of the basic, but often overlooked questions, that potential franchisees ask, or want to ask. With his advice, you’ll be ready to make the call to a franchise company, or franchisee, but more important, you’ll be able to ask the right questions so you don’t waste a lot of time trying to figure out if its right for you. In fact, you won’t call any franchisor until you’re pretty sure that it could be the right opportunity for you, if you follow Joel’s advice.” —- TJ McCue, Small Business Trends

For several years, Joel Libava has been an outstanding member of my Brain Trust, the largest community of small business experts in the world, representing the franchise industry. His perspectives and insights regarding this critical sector of the small business landscape have been invaluable to me and my audience. Clearly Joel is one of the top thought-leaders in the world of franchising and an important resource for anyone interested this business direction.” – Jim Blasingame, President, Small Business Network

For anybody remotely interested in buying a franchise, Joel’s guides are a must read. They’re clearly spelled out with easy to follow steps. Great job Joel!” — Shaun Steckler, Future Franchise Owner

This is One of the Biggest Decisions of Your Life

Franchise ownership is not a decision to take lightly.  I want to see you succeed! That's why I love what I do.

Find out if franchise ownership is right for you. Select the franchise that is going to not only make you money, but one that will make you happy. If you're going to go into business for yourself: go into business to do what you love! Take my FREE franchise quiz here to see if you're ready.

Schedule a consultation with me and I will help you get on the right track to owning your own franchise. I'll develop a plan for you and help you better understand the franchise market. It's all I do.

Ideally, you have a consultation and read at least one of my books. Some people prefer to read and learn more that way before calling to chat. That's OK! Read one of my books on becoming a franchise owner. The more you learn the more equipped you will be for success.

Don't Lose Your Money

I hate seeing good people suckered into bad franchises. I also don't like to see people go into a franchise simply because they think they'll make a lot of money. You should love what you're going to do: it makes it easier to succeed. CALL ME before you sign on the dotted line!

Is Franchise Ownership Right for You?

Do you have what it takes to own a business? I know why franchising is attractive: getting in business for yourself, with the added benefit of plugging into a proven system.

Are you capable of plugging into that system?

I’ll help you find out if you have what it takes to own a franchise. Let's talk. I’m a franchise industry insider. I know what it takes to be a successful franchise owner!